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Custom Chemical Peel

We offer a range of Light to Mid-depth chemical peel treatments.   All peels are customized to specifically treat your skin-type and skin-condition.

By doing so, assures you the maximum benefits, repair, skin-rejuvenation, and best possible results.

Light Peel:

Instantly dissolves a few layers of dead skin.  Helps to build new collage and tones skin.  Will diminish fine lines and instantly rejuvenate skin.  No down-time, but some mild redness.  Includes Dermaplaning.

Mid-depth Peel:

Removes several layers of dead skin.  Builds volumes of collagen & elastin, and creates total skin rejuvenation.  Deep wrinkles are greatly diminished and fine lines are removed.

Reduces sun damage and brown spots by 70-95%.   Downtime is 5-7 days.   Includes Dermaplaning.


$350 - $550 - $875

Derma-Planing Facial

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive professional exfoliation treatment that removes Vellus hair (peach fuzz) and layers of dead skin cells.

The peach fuzz on our face tends to collect dirt and excess oil in the follicle and sits on the surface of the skin that over time may cause blackheads or will invade your pores.

Regular removal is an excellent anti-aging/anti blemish treatment as it keeps pores free of excess oil while simultaneously preventing premature wrinkles. ​


1.  Deep cleanse

2.  Professional DermaPlaning

3.  Hydrating oil

4.  Vitamin mask

5.  Ultrasonic treatment

6.  Specialty Serums

7.  Moisturizer & SPF



Neck & Face Tightening

This is an advance aesthetic, Anti-Aging treatment using new technology Radio Frequency.

Treatment is very effective for Toning & Shaping skin, Tightening Skin, and greatly diminishing wrinkles.


1.  Face:   It will tone & tighten loose skin, sagging jowls, and diminish wrinkles!

2.  Neck & Chin:  This treatment will tighten loose necks and eliminate double-chins.

3.  Tummy  & Flanks:  Melts fat and will shrink areas treated. Results are immediate.

After receiving each treatment (per area), you will see a visible improvement in your face/body.

Again, results are very visible to the eye and long-lasting (if you refrain from weight-causing activities).



Adult Acne HF Facial​

This treatments creates an anti-acne environment that kills and destroys acne-causing bacteria.

During your (HF) high frequency treatment, enriched oxygen molecules are produced, which create an anti-bacterial action that helps your blood vessels push out p-bacteria (acne causing bacteria) and other toxins, while creating oxygenated nutrients inside the cells.

Additionally, increases blood circulation and cellular renewal which supports increased levels of collagen and elastin.


1.  Deep​​ pore cleanse

2.  Acne enzyme treatment

3.  Extractions

4.  High Frequency

5.  Oxygen treatment

6.  Blue-light LED

7.  Moisturizer & SPF



Passion Enzyme Facial

This is my Signature Treatment!

During this Fantastic Facial treatment, I pamper your skin with therapies to ensure it receives profound remedies that assures beautiful, glowy, and youthful-looking results.

When you leave, your skin will be more toned, plump, dewy, and very radiant.  You're going to love your new look.


1.  Deep steamy cleanse

2.  DermaPlaning (add-on $40)

2.  Enzyme Treatment

3.  Extractions

4.  Hydro-jelly Mask

5.  Custom Serums

6.  Moisturize and SPF

You will leave relaxed, feeling fantastic, with smooth, glowy, and hydrated skin.



Micro-Current w/RF

Micro-Current is the New Face lift treatment.

Also known as micro-current electrical neuro-muscular stimulation which consists of gentle electric stimulation of muscles and tissue.

During a micro-current facial,  your face and neck muscles are targeted for toning and tightening to reduce or eliminate sagging skin caused by loose neck and facial muscles.

Treatments are painless and relaxing.  This treatment can produce good result with lasting effects, as long as you maintain regular upkeep. 

Major Benefits:

1.  Improves muscle tone & lift Face

2.  Can eliminate jowls

3.  Can tighten sagging neck


$400  or  $2200 for 6

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