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Advanced Chemical Peel Services

We offer a selection of advanced Chemical Peel Treatments that produce Youthful-Looking and Astonishing results after 1-Treatment.

In-home and On-location treatments, both Local & Worldwide, are available to our UHNW Clients with ultra premium services and excellent results.


Glycolic Acid Peel & 24k Gold Mask
1st - Your skin is cleansed and treated with a professional Glycolic Acid peel.  This dissolves several layers of dead skin cells, diminishes wrinkles, and stimulates real collagen growth.

2nd - You'll receive a highly potent and active 24k Gold Mask.  This mask will rejuvenate & firm skin, help rebuild collagen, and diminish photo damage (aka sun damage).

3rd - Your skin cells are infused and nourished with PURE Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  HA causes immediate cellular hydration, which pumps the skin and gives it a very youthful and FRESH appearance.  Lastly, your skin will be lavished with a rich Moisturizer and covered with a luxurious Sun Block.

RESULTS - Your skin will show IMMEDIATE and visible youthful and radiant results.  Our 24k Gold Mask is made up of real Gold Powder, Collagen, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
Cost: $125 (reg $250)

                                                                      BLACK MASK Facial
Deep steam cleanse, Enzyme exfoliation, Black-Mask Pore treatment, Treatment serum, Moisturizer, and Sun protection.

  • Smaller Pores
  • Eliminates Blackheads & Toxins
  • Brighter & Smoother Skin
  • Skin is Refreshed & Rejuvenated
Cost: $95


Vitamin A  2-Step Chemical Peel
About Peel
This is an advanced mid-depth peel treatment that produces significant skin-improvement. 

This treatment builds collagen and elastin fibers within the cellular structure, and promotes inter-cellular hydration. 
This treatment will help to diminish fine lines, sun damage, dark spots, melasma, acne, and will soften  deeper wrinkles.   This treatment completely re-textures the skin by removing several layers of dead skin cells from the surface.  This process creates a new healthier epidermis resulting in brand new, fresh, and radiant skin. 

Your skin will be vibrant with a dynamic glow.  Skin will be much softer and very smooth.  This peel produces lasting and astonishing results. Cost: $400

TCA Chemical Peel
Wrinkles removed with a deep peel treatment
This is a deeper level Mid-depth Chemical Peel.  Our TCA peels produce fantastic results after one treatment.  This treatment removes all fine lines, diminishes deep wrinkles, removes sun damage spots, increases collagen volume, stimulates cellular activity which helps to restore natural Hyaluronic acid within the cells.  This plumbs the skin and contributes to rejuvenated cells and a very refreshed look.  Skin will appear years younger and vibrant.Click here to view more pictures.  Cost: $450-$550
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